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Club Hot Dog Shoots

2nd & 4th Saturday Each Month

9:30am Reg. - 10:00am Shoot

Club Range

Event Details

Club Hot Dog Shoots

2nd & 4th Saturday Each Month

2nd Saturday, Rifle/4th Saturday, Pistol

      (visit our FB page for details)

896 N Campbell Road, Sahuarita, AZ 

9:30am Reg. - 10:00am Shoot

Club Range

March 27-28, 2020

3rd Annual Saguaro Classic

All day

At our state of the art Club Range

Event Details

March 27-28, 2020

3rd Annual Saguaro Classic

For more information and to register, please go to the More button at the top of this page to view the EVENT & REGISTRATION FORM. 

You may al...

Event Details

All day

At our state of the art Club Range

Questions you may have about the Quail Creek Air Gun Club

What is the Quail Creek Air Gun Club?

It is a chartered club for Quail Creek residents and their guests, who have an interest in Shooting Sports. This is the largest range dedicated solely to air gun shooting in the US. We also have a 7 meter indoor pistol range for the pistol shooters.

What kind of Shooting?

Quail Creek Air Gun Club's focus is on Air Rifle and Air Pistol target shooting. We shoot paper and steel silhouette targets at distances from 10 to 100 yards. We have organized shooting events the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Saturdays.

Is this a safe sport?

Yes, definitely. The range of air gun pellets is limited. Pellet design is such that they lose velocity quickly, a earthen berm has been constructed to stop pellets at the end of the range. Safety is our major concern while at the range. When the range is in use, a range safety officer is present.

Does the club offer training for new members?

Yes, we have members with years of experience who will provide one on one coaching for new shooters, which includes gun safety, handling and set-up. We can provide new shooters an opportunity to shoot different types of air guns, for a better understanding of what is available and what suits them best.

Would a former firearm shooter enjoy shooting air guns?

Without a doubt! We have law enforcement officers, several avid hunters, former military members and many who were shooting enthusiasts in their former life. None of them knew a thing about air guns except their old Daisy Red Ryder.  Now they shoot several times a week enjoying the challenge and improving their skills. No one misses the noise and recoil of  most firearms.

Do you have ladies in the club and where can we learn more?

We sure do, and some very good shooters among them! Come by any  morning, Monday through Friday, there will be several members at the range to show you around. The clubs 20 lane shooting range is located at 896 N. Campbell Ave., Sahuarita, AZ 85614.

Please visit us on our Face Book page.

Quail Creek Air Gun Club Courtesy Reminders While Using The Range

  • Driving– please drive slowly while behind the firing line to reduce airborne dust drifting onto the firing line.
  • Driving – please park carefully so as not to impact the shade canopy vertical poles. If you are backup challenged, take extra time to check your distances. DO NOT IMPACT POLES.
  • Driving – please space out cars while parking so that others can also share parking area along the range line.
  • Silo Targets – when putting away silos, please make sure that you replace 16 targets into each bucket, 4 of each critter. If you use multiple buckets, make sure each bucket has the right number and type of critter when done.
  • Garbage – we do not have an automatic garbage pickup at the range.  Please pack out all the garbage that you personally make to reduce our garbage load. 
  • Target stands – when you are finished shooting your lane, please put target stand back to the 25 meter position for the courtesy of others.
  • Paper targets – please take down all your targets when finished shooting, clear off the targets from the backing cardboard, put the cardboard in the storage shed, and throw away the paper targets or take home to dispose to reduce our garbage load.
  • Shooting Benches– if you move the bench for your shooting use, please return it to its original position when finished for the courtesy of others.
  • Last Person Using Range– the last person to leave the range should ensure the shed is locked and the entrance gate closed and chained.

2019 Saguaro Classic Competition Winners


Mike Schlesinger, AZ, Steve Debord

25 Meter-Heavy Varment


Jeff Miller, Scott Seyler, Irwin Segerman

            25 Meter-Unlimited


Jim Peterson & Don Nash

25 Meter-Springer


Ray Perron, Dan Fujigamari, Steve Debord

75/100 Yard Combo

  75 Yard Competition


Jack Mercer, AZ, Dan Fujigamari

75/100 Yard Combo

  100 Yard Competition


Jeff Miller & Irwin Segerman

Chicken Little Silhouettes-Unlimited


Mike Schlesinger, Linda Koch, Dan Fujigamari

Chicken Little Silhouettes

     (tie for 3rd place)


Don Nash & Jim Peterson

Chicken Little Silhouettes-Springer



Art Glass by Jean Mercer 

Stainless Steel Art by Mike Allen


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Quail Creek Air Gun Club

896 N. Campbell Avenue - Sahuarita, AZ 85614

For further information Jack Mercer, President: jack@qcagc.com 406-698-1362 Mike Schlesinger, V-President: mike@qcagc.com Bob Tomb, Secretary: btomb@qcagc.com Gary Friedman, Treasurer: gary@qcagc.com 520-344-7599